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From being aTeam to being Solo ,TimeIt makes it simple and easy to track work hours across projects for free.

TimeIt for Teams

A better way to work together

TimeIt brings teams together to work through problems, move ideas forward while tracking their spent time.

What makes TimeIt different?

A Place to Call Home

TimeIt gives you the power to create your own place to belong. Your TimeIt workspace is your home, shared with only the special team you invite.

Organized Dashboard & Reports

The finer points. Dive into the details. Get the most out of your data with features like timesheets, detailed reporting, and so much more.

Pop in to Track Time

Ready to track time? Pop into your workspace and click on start timer and start working on your projects.

TimeIt Features

Time Keeping

✓ Track hours using a timer

✓ Log time in a timesheet

✓ Categorize time by project

✓ Mark time as billable


✓ Visual time breakdown

✓ Customizable reports

✓ Share reports with others

✓ Export as PDF, CSV, and Excel


✓ Invite whole team

✓ Set employee hourly rates

✓ See current activity

✓ See who worked on what

Who Uses TimeIt?

People use TimeIt for all kinds of tracking time: from teams dividing sub-tasks, to freelancers tracking their time, to artists and architects. People create TimeIt workspaces to know the billing costs for their employees, keeping projects profitable, surface hidden costs, accurate forecasting, estimation and benchmarking and even manage their team better by even knowing when to hire. TimeIt is for anyone who could use a workspace to track how they spend their time throughout the day.

Start Tracking Time with TimeIt

Track Time.
Unlimited Users.
Free Forever.